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Nov. 18, 2021

"Where Do I Find Book Editors & Designers?"

"Where Do I Find Book Editors & Designers?"

Ep010. Join best-selling author and coach, Lanette Pottle, each week to get your burning self-publishing questions answered. In this week’s episode, she shares resources to help you find the right editor and designer for your book project.

The link to your network is YOU. 

The link to the other three resources mentioned in this episode are:

Upwork -

Reedsy -

Fiverr -

You can learn more about what to expect with pricing structures in Episode 007.

The conversation continues over at the She Gets Published Community. Join us there!


Hey, hey my soon-to-be published author friend. Welcome to Episode Ten.

If you’ve listened to previous episodes you know that I am a huge proponent of investing in quality editors and designers for your book. That’s probably why one of the most frequently asked questions that come my way is around where to find editors and book cover designers. 

I have a few resources to share with you today but let's start with the most commonly overlooked -- yet arguably the best one: Referrals from your own network. 

Who do you know that has independently been published? As you start to make a mental list keep in mind these people don't have to be your biz besties so cast a wide net of who you are considering. Maybe it’s a current or former colleague, someone you met at an in-person networking event or a Facebook group, or possibly even a friend of a friend. 

Do a little research. Check out their books and if the quality and style align with the vision you hold for your book, reach out to them. Ask if they’d be willing to introduce you to their editor or designer.

If you give focused attention to that angle and come up empty you can explore three resources I’m going to share in a moment but I encourage you to first start asking some of the people you know this magic question “Who do you know who may be able to refer me to a quality editor or book designer.” Access the full depth of your network. 

Alright, so if you go through that whole exercise and are still feeling like you have no solid options, here are three freelance marketplaces where you can turn to for possibilities: Upwork, Reedsy, and Fiverr. 

With Upwork, you’ll search talent by the job you want them to do then take time to review their profile, work samples, and reviews. Their listing will clearly have their rates listed along with categories of expertise and past work as well as ratings and more. 

Reedsy is a marketplace with freelancers who are all focused on the publishing industry. One of the tradeoffs is you get less access to information in advance -- including the rates. When you identify someone you think may be a match you then click a button and ask for a quote. 

Lastly, FIVERR is a possible option. Their level of talent and services offered varies most widely of any of the resources shared so  -- as in making any hiring decision -- it’s critical you do your due diligence before making your decision of who to work with. 

The websites for each of these resources will be listed in the show notes for you. 

Now, onto this week’s challenge:

Start having conversations and doing research on which professionals you’ll partner with to create a first-rate book you can be proud of.