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Dec. 15, 2021

What I Wish I'd Known -- Round Up 6

What I Wish I'd Known -- Round Up 6

Ep018. In this bonus episode, host, Lanette Pottle, introduces you to three self-published authors who answer the question, “What is something you wish you’d known before publishing your first book?” Featuring Stephanie Dalfonzo, Elizabeth Gray,...

The conversation continues over at the She Gets Published Community. Join us there!

Amanda Karch Profile Photo

Amanda Karch

Author | Poet

Amanda Karch is a Babson College alum, honing her entrepreneurship skills through her path as an author. While in school, she focused her time on storytelling through data but writing is her passion. She is a published poet, author, and lover of all book genres. When she is not writing, you can find her running or reading too many books at the same time.

Elizabeth Gray Profile Photo

Elizabeth Gray


Elizabeth Gray is an Amazon bestselling author in Australia and Canada for her book Silent No More which details her journey of healing from workplace bullying. She has experienced the impacts of workplace bullying on her physical and mental well-being as well as her financial situation. Elizabeth started to write the book as part of her own healing process and to raise awareness around the issue of workplace bullying which remains unresolved for many victims.

Elizabeth previously worked as a Certified Practising Accountant in the corporate sector. She is a Certified Rapid Results Coach offering coaching services.

Elizabeth lives in Brisbane Australia and enjoys quilting and practicing art. As part of her daily practice, she writes poems from her heart

Stephanie Dalfonzo Profile Photo

Stephanie Dalfonzo


Stephanie Dalfonzo is Celebrity Radio DJ “Stevie Knox” turned Integrative Hypnotist (think hypnosis and a gazillion other healing modalities). She uses hypnosis to help women leaders and entrepreneurs get out of their own way, see the possibilities of where they can go and grow their business. Stephanie is also the author of “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom,” available on Amazon.