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Dec. 8, 2021

What I Wish I'd Known -- Round Up 5

What I Wish I'd Known -- Round Up 5

Ep016. In this bonus episode, host, Lanette Pottle, introduces you to three self-published authors who answer the question, “What is something you wish you’d known before publishing your first book?” Featuring the perspectives of Cheryl Ilov,...

The conversation continues over at the She Gets Published Community. Join us there!

Jasmine Rice Profile Photo

Jasmine Rice

Author | Life Coach | NLP Practitioner

Jasmine Rice is a certified transformational life coach, NLP practitioner, and best selling author, and founder & CEO of Good Things Are Gonna Come, LLC . After experiencing a series of challenging life transitions, including a divorce and a job loss, Jasmine transformed herself from surviving to thriving by shifting her mindset.

Her experiences along the way have humbled her and inspired her passion to support others experiencing divorce, unexpected change, loss, or any challenging life transition. She supports and guides you while you create your own life recipe.

Her book ,“Create Your Own Life Recipe After Divorce”, is not only for those navigating their next chapter after divorce, but those navigating any challenging life transition.

We all could use a good set of cooking instructions to help us navigate challenges in life. This book explores her journey and is a guide for you as you transform yourself. It’s a detailed recipe of her suggestions for finding your own ingredients, throwing out the rotten ones, and seasoning to fit your own taste. You get to pick and choose what works for you and the steps you need to take to rebuild yourself.

You, my friend, get to create YOUR own life recipe!

Pascale Lane Profile Photo

Pascale Lane

Therapeutic Family and Relationship Coach / Author

My name is Pascale and I am a Therapeutic Family and Relationship Coach.

As a former social worker of 18 years and RELATE trained relationship counsellor, I feel so passionately about my role as a coach, helping mums (predominantly) to embrace their full potential so that they and their family can Thrive.

I’m a wife and mother to 2 amazing little girls and everything I do is for them. I know the importance of being the best version of myself and had to work really hard to get here. I don’t believe in being perfect, but I do believe in being honest about what we get wrong (and right) in order to grow.

I know as a mother I am their first and most important teacher. Getting it right for me means getting it right for them.

So now I do the same for others. Working hard on their family story so that they can end any negative family cycles and help their children to grow and thrive with a happy and thriving mum.

Cheryl L Ilov Profile Photo

Cheryl L Ilov

Author/Speaker/Martial Artist/Dancer/Physical Therapist

Cheryl Ilov is an award-winning author, speaker, and former chronic pain patient who found a path to self-healing through self-awareness. She combines her education and experience as a physical therapist with her personal experience of chronic pain syndromes to (and subsequent recovery), to help hundreds of clients recover from pain and injuries. Her path of healing and lifelong learning led her to begin training in an ancient Japanese martial art called Ninpo Tai Jutsu, the Art of the Ninja, at the tender young age of forty-seven and becoming her teacher’s first female black belt ten years later.

Cheryl shares her positive message of hope and healing through her books, speaking engagements, podcast, workshops, and include online and in person training programs. She believes that we can heal from anything, and that there is a black belt in each and everyone of us, just waiting to be unleashed.