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Looking for a guide to personally walk beside you every step of your self-publishing journey? Then The Personal Mentorship Experience may be a good fit for you.

Every mentee Lanette works with is unique but here's what they all have in common:

  • They have written a manuscript.

  • They intend to use their book to elevate their impact, income, and/or influence.

  • They're coachable.

  • They're committed.

  • They're ready and able to make the financial investment.

And while the strategies, processes, and techniques are unique to each person, here's what you can expect to gain from the experience:

  • Confidence

  • Knowledge

  • Skills

  • Resources

  • Time

  • Your first published book, in hand!

Best of all, you'll gain the ability to replicate everything you learn through the mentorship experience to publish each of your future books -- with ease and on your own. 

Ready to find out whether The Personal Mentorship Experience is right for you? Follow these three simple steps :

  1. Complete and submit the Mentorship application.

  2. Respond to the email you receive from Lanette inviting you to schedule a call.

  3. Show up to the call ready to fully engage.