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Feb. 17, 2022

How (and Why) to Create Virtual Book Tours

How (and Why) to Create Virtual Book Tours

Charmaine Hammond Shares Insider Tips on Creating Fun & Profitable Virtual Book Tours

EP 025 | In this episode, host Lanette Pottle chats with multi best-selling book author and co-founder of Raise A Dream, Charmaine Hammond, to get the inside scoop on virtual book tours -- what they are, ways to create a successful one, and why you should consider this easy, cost effective option for promoting your book.

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Charmaine Hammond Profile Photo

Charmaine Hammond

Author / Executive Producer

Charmaine Hammond is a best-selling award-winning author of 5 books and is featured in 8 others. She teaches authors how to make their book a business. She has secured sponsorship for her clothing, printing, travel, bulk book purchases, events, speaking and book tours (including a sponsored motorhome), videography, photography, cash sponsorship, and much more. Her company Raise a Dream has supported her clients in achieving this as well. Charmaine is the Executive Producer of an award-winning movie, Back Home Again, which features an all-star voice cast with Jeremy Renner, Catherine O'Hara, Michael J. Fox, Eugene Levy, Km Basinger to name a few. The movie is heavily supported and funded through sponsorship and collaboration.