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Oct. 10, 2021

E003: What's Your Publishing Budget?

E003: What's Your Publishing Budget?

She Gets Published host, Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author and Self-Publishing Coach, Lanette Pottle, helps you explore the question, “What’s your budget for publishing?”

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Hello, hello… I’m glad you’re back! I’m assuming you’ve done your due diligence and not only listened to the first two episodes but thoughtfully answered the questions I posed. If you came straight here and this episode is your starting point, my best recommendation is to press stop now and go back to do the work suggested on the first two shows. 

If you’re still with me let’s dig in!


This last question I want you to answer before we really start getting into the meat and potatoes of self-publishing is “What’s your budget?” 

Yeah, I know. That might not be the easiest question to answer -- I know it definitely wasn’t for me my first go with self-publishing --  but it’s going to impact your choices moving forward. 

So give it some thought. 

If we were sitting having this conversation over coffee this is the place where I’d ask you things like  What elements are non-negotiable for you? What are the timelines you are working with? What do you have available for resources that you are ready to invest in creating the book you want to publish?

Your answers would lead us to explore what modifications in expectations you may need to make to create what you have envisioned. Maybe it’s extending your timeline or choosing a different binding, paper, or ink for your book. Maybe it would impact which services you outsourced and whether you worked with a coach to guide you through the process. Without going down a rabbit hole here, I do want to tell you that hiring a professional editor and cover designer are essential so if your budget is zero and you’re thinking that you can do everything yourself, please do yourself a favor and rethink that decision. Even the most highly talented, multi-passionate people can’t do their book full justice alone. We all need an outside set of eyes to see our blindspots. Every. Single. One of us.

So it’s number-crunching time. Dive in the deep end and get serious about the financials. What’s your publishing budget? Less than $1000, $2500, $5000? Take an honest look. What’s realistic for you based on your current circumstances? Come up with your baseline number then you can work from there.