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Oct. 10, 2021

E002: Why Do You Want To Publish?

E002: Why Do You Want To Publish?

Your Host, Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author and Self-Publishing Coach, Lanette Pottle, helps you dig into the question, “Why do you want to publish?”

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Welcome back! Since you’re here with me I’m assuming your answer to my question in episode one was YES -- you do have a completed manuscript. YAY you! I’m sending a big Mel Robbins style high five your way.

In this episode, I’m asking you to consider something else -- 

Why do you want to publish your book? 

This isn’t meant as a philosophical question… I want you to dig into what your motivation is for publishing your book?

Is it that you want to create a legacy piece for your family? 

Do you want to build your credibility? 

Is it that you want to use it as a business building tool or to make a living with your writing?

Or maybe it’s that you want to share your wisdom to positively impact a community or the world at large. 

… Or is it something else altogether?

All of these reasons are legitimate reasons and you may have more than one. No answer is better than another but something your answer DOES impact are the strategies you’ll use as you approach your publishing plan. Trust me, being clear on this piece will save you a lot of headache, heartache, time, and money. 

It will also be important to know that the majority of the information I’ll be sharing on the show is geared towards the business-building side of self-publishing. If you’re an entrepreneur, speaker, or coach, I think you’ll find this perspective especially helpful. On the other hand, if you want to publish for other reasons, you may not find as much value in the strategies I’ll be going over here on She Gets Published. In fact, you may be able to find less expensive options for printing and tools than the ones I’ll be sharing here and topics like distribution, marketing, and platform-building won’t be all that important to you.

Investing a few minutes now to get clear about your particular motivations for wanting to have your book published is the best next step you can take. Set your timer and do it now.