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Oct. 10, 2021

E000: Welcome to She Gets Published - The Podcast

E000: Welcome to She Gets Published - The Podcast

In this introductory episode, learn what you can expect from the She Gets Published podcast, and meet your host, Amazon #1 International Best Selling Author, and Self-Publishing Coach, Lanette Pottle.

The conversation continues over at the She Gets Published Community. Join us there!


Hey, there my soon-to-be-published author friend!

I’m recording this episode for you to accomplish four things:

-- Welcome you to the She Gets Published world

-- Let you know what you can expect from the show

-- Share a little about myself

-- and last but not least, ask for your input. 

So first things first: Welcome! I’m so glad you found your way here because that means you’re seriously thinking about self-publishing your first book and crossing over the threshold of writer to published author. Your success in doing this is hugely important to me! Books are a powerful way to elevate Women's voices -- your voice-- it's something empowering and far-reaching. Publishing your work is a vehicle to deepen your impact, grow your income, and widen your circle of influence. 


Self-publishing -- and least for people like you and me --  isn’t about cutting corners and producing an inferior product just to be able to call ourselves authors. It’s about maintaining ownership of your intellectual property, having control of your design choices as well as allowing us to get to market more quickly. The good news is that by applying the knowledge you gain on the show, you’ll slash your learning curve to speed up your progress without sacrificing quality,

Season One of She Gets Published is all about laying a solid foundation. If you’ve poked around at all you’ve probably noticed the first three episodes of the show have been front-loaded so you can get off to a strong start. In each one, I ask you thought-provoking yet practical questions that will help you get clear on the best options for you moving forward. The weekly episodes that follow will be filled with tips, tools, and how-tos to keep you on track to cross the finish line with your new book in hand! 


We’ll chat about the fun parts but more importantly, we’ll dig into the unsexy essentials that are rarely talked about but make a world of difference when it comes to creating a hassle-free publishing experience. 

I know you’re spinning lots of plates so I’ve designed the podcast to deliver bite-sized pieces of content in each episode -- something meaningful and actionable NOT lengthy and overwhelming!

Sound good? Awesome!

Now, we’ll get to know each other better in the weeks ahead but I thought you may be interested in the cliff notes version of my personal journey to becoming an author...

After seven years of telling myself stories about ALL the reasons I couldn’t publish my work -- not enough education, not enough money,, not enough resources, not enough of anything… a mentor challenged my limiting beliefs then introduced me to a pathway to releasing my first book… you guessed it ...self-publishing.! Today I can say I’m an Amazon #1 International, Best-Selling Author, a Self-Publishing Coach for women, as well as being the founder & publisher of Positivity Lady Press -- a tiny indie publishing imprint where I’ll soon be publishing my third book.

To be fully transparent, I’m figuring this podcasting thing out as I go. I have a lot of knowledge & experience to share but I’m hoping you’ll help me shape it into something that provides you the most value… gives you exactly what you need.  Let me know what your burning questions are, what stumbling blocks you're encountering, and what’s keeping you from publishing. Drop me a note at

Together, I think we’re going to create something pretty special here. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

Here we go….